When mixed with water, Arabica has a light brown color, the bitter taste varies from bitter to mild seductive aroma…
Bitter taste, mild aroma, brown water, not sour, just enough caffeine content.

About Us

SUFS Company Limited was established in 2020, specializes in providing agricultural products, fruits and products from agriculture according to VIET GAP
and GLOBAL GAP standards with handling and packaging plants in havest
Our fruit treatment plants use hot steam technology to destroy the eggs and
larvae of fruit flies, and harmful insects that attach to the fruit’s outer skin without causing damage, affecting the freshness of the fruit.
With many years of experience working in the field of fruit export, understanding the market requirements for food safety and pesticide residues, the company has been working closely with farmers in cities in Vietnam. We closely
monitor from the seed selection stage, closely supervise cultivation, harvesting and packaging techniques according to VIETGAP AND GLOBAL GAP standards.